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Our host tutors and host families (we are now only considering hosts living in the Midlands region)

Many of our tutors like the ability to work from home and welcome the extra income that home tuition can provide. A number of our tutors are primary/secondary/FE/HE teachers who are free during the holiday periods. Many others are retired but still active and have valuable experience to offer our foreign students.

Our host families come from a variety of backgrounds but have one thing in common – a warm welcome and a passion for people!

Host tutors/host families registered with Live and Learn Homestays benefit from:

  • The support of an experienced and understanding Local Organiser (an ex- host tutor) who will manage bookings and be on hand to assist for the duration of the student’s stay.
  • Good rates of pay with payments paid promptly by electronic bank transfer.
  • Access to a range of teaching resources, student workbooks, teacher handbooks etc.

What Live and Learn Homestays expects from you:

Host families

  • A genuine interest in welcoming foreign students into your home.
  • A warm, clean and comfortable home and private room for the student.

Host tutors

Include all of Host families plus:

  • Suitable qualifications, ideally CELTA or other TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) qualification
  • The time to formally teach students and the ability to provide opportunities for students to practice their English outside of lesson times.

Our Homestays

We offer 2 homestay options:

Homestay 1


  • Half board accommodation – Monday to Friday
  • Full board accommodation - Saturday and Sunday
  • Guests are to be treated as part of the family, sharing family meals etc.

This option is most suited to guests who are attending courses, exhibitions or work placements whilst here in the UK.

Homestay 2

Includes all of Homestay 1 plus:

  • Return airport transfers (BHX)
  • At least 2 half day outings per week with host family.
  • Host to spend reasonable amount of time with guest and treat him/her as part of the family (not suitable for hosts who work full time)

This option is most suited to our younger guests and those wishing to be integrated into their host family’s life.

Our guests then have the option to add English lessons and/or leisure activities to their homestay experience.
Lessons are generally delivered by hosts who are qualified to teach but may also be delivered by ‘visiting teachers’ (where the host is not qualified to teach).

Our English courses

Our courses are relatively short, normally 1 – 4 weeks and the student chooses to study up to 20 hours of English a week. Lessons must be given at a table, away from possible disturbances, e.g. television, children, telephone etc. The student lives in your home and should be treated as a family guest. A warm welcome and the development of a friendly rapport with your student will ensure that the stay is pleasant and beneficial for both parties. You will be expected to give your student individual English lessons, the course should be tailored to his/her needs. Outside of lessons, the student will share your social life, participating in your everyday activities and speaking only English. You will be amazed at how quickly your student progresses as he/she will experience total immersion in the English language, unlike language schools/classes where students converse with others in their mother tongue once lessons are over.

Our bookings

The majority of our bookings are during the spring/summer months. We do, however, have a number of bookings throughout the year. It is important to note that successful home tuition depends on your ability to devote time to your student and we cannot normally place students with you if you are working.


Your home should be clean and tidy, with a good level of comfort. Your student should have a comfortable single or double bed with a good supply of blankets/duvet, ample drawer and wardrobe space, a mirror, waste paper bin and, preferably, a desk or table with a chair and good lighting. You must provide adequate heating. An important stipulation on our part is that no other foreign students may be accommodated by you at the same time as a student booked by Live and Learn Homestays. We ask that you notify us of any paying guests or extra family members that will be present during your student’s stay so that the student is made aware prior to arrival. You are obliged to provide 3 meals a day – breakfast, lunch and a substantial meal in the evening. Cordon bleu cookery is not required! If in doubt, ask the student about his/her likes and dislikes. The student should take his/her meals with the family.

Leisure time

In addition to receiving individual tuition, students often want to participate in your everyday life and activities. We ask that you also take them to places of local interest (at least 2 half day outings per week for homestay option 2). Please note that students are expected to pay for all entrance fees and public transport fares for themselves but are not expected to share petrol costs when you drive them in your car. Many students request sporting or cultural activities etc. during their stay. We always endeavour to take your own interests and hobbies into consideration when placing a student with you so you can pursue the same activity together.

Our local organiser

Your local organiser will be in touch 2-3 days after your student has arrived to check that all is going well. He/she will telephone and ask to speak to you and the student separately so that both parties feel able to talk freely without fear of upsetting or embarrassing the other. Your local organiser has experience of hosting students and is always available for consultation and help.

Student expectations

Please take the time to read the following information. It outlines the basic features that a student will have been told to expect during his/her stay with you. This will give you an idea of what you are expected to provide:


You will receive your contracted number of hours of formal English lessons per week on a one to one basis with your tutor. These will normally be Monday to Friday, leaving the weekend free for leisure activities etc. By the end of the course, you will notice a significant improvement in your comprehension and communication skills (both written and oral).


You will live with your host and his/her family. The accommodation will include a good standard, furnished private bedroom (a private bathroom is not guaranteed). Bed linen will be provided and will be changed, and the room cleaned, in accordance with the family’s schedule, but at least once a week. This does not include daily making of the bed as you will be expected to do this.
If you opt for homestay 2, your host family will accompany you on at least 2 half day outings per week and you will be expected to pay for your own entrance fees if applicable.


(for those booking English lessons)

You are requested to sign the Live and Learn Homestays hoursheet each day to confirm that you have received your contracted hours of English lessons.
You are also requested to complete your course questionnaire confidentially at the end of the course and seal it in the envelope provided.


You will be provided with 3 meals a day:
- Breakfast (usually cereal and/or toast and preserves)
- Light lunch (e.g. soup, salads or sandwiches)
- Substantial cooked evening meal

(A packed lunch will be provided if you go on an excursion)

After lessons

Your host tutor will help you to improve your English outside of lessons. He/she will take you on at least one outing a week. Please note that any costs incurred on an outing (entrance fees, bus/train fares, snacks etc. will be payable by you).


Light laundry can be done together with the family’s general laundry, in accordance with their usual laundry schedule. This would not normally include heavy items such as jackets and does not include ironing.

Books and materials

You are encouraged to bring 1 or 2 books that you are currently using at home. You will also need to bring you own stationery, including coloured pens, eraser, pencil etc.


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New Teachers, New Areas


We now have new teachers in the following areas:


Kendal (Lake District)




We're really excited to be able to offer you even more choice of locations for your full immersion English course.

We're adding their profiles to the 'Meet a Host' page so check them out now!

Mumpreneur 2011 Award


Local mum and entrepreneur, Lorna Allen, has earned herself a place in the final lineup of The Mumpreneur Awards, an annual ceremony aimed at celebrating parents throughout the UK who manage the difficult task of juggling business with family life.

The mother of 2 runs Live and Learn Homestays Ltd., an organisation offering personalised English courses and leisure activities to people visiting the Midlands region from abroad. Lorna's customers (homestay guests) benefit from a full immersion experience where they are placed with host families and have the unique opportunity to improve their English skills and learn about British culture through sharing their host families' lives.

Lorna Allen, Director of Live and Learn Homestays tells NetworkMilan.com how you can improve your English and feel at home in the “Heart of England”

Live and Learn Homestays Ltd is a small English language homestay company based in Birmingham, the "Heart of England", in the UK. The company is owned and managed by Lorna Allen, a local entrepreneur who worked part-time as a homestay tutor and local organiser for a large, international language homestay company for over seven years.

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