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My name is Maria Teresa and I am a student from Rome, Italy. I wanted to improve my English quickly before starting my Erasmus Programme in Norway (August 2011).

I researched various homestay companies but chose Live and Learn Homestays because of Lorna's helpfulness and because they were excellent value for money.

I stayed in Birmingham for 3 weeks and had a fantastic experience. On a scale of 1 - 10 I would rate my experience as a 10 because my host family was adorable and I enjoyed staying with them.

My English improved drastically thanks to my teacher, Frank. I also had lots of practise with my English conversation skills as everyone in the family was very friendly and made time to speak with me.

There were other benefits too - It was good to stay in Birmingham as I didn't meet any other Italians (so I had to speak English all the time). In London, there are lots of Italians!

Staying with an English host family taught me a lot about British culture, their habits and their customs.

I had the opportunity to visit lots of interesting places in the city and in the countryside and I have met some very interesting people too!

If you are thinking about booking an English course with Live and Learn Homestays, I would say - do it now!

Be prepared for a wonderful experience!

My opinions about my homestay and learning experience.

It was a wonderful experience and I have many reasons to be glad about it.

First, the great availability; before the trip, I received all the information I needed from Lorna and it came quickly!

The information was both comprehensive and clear.

I could see that the company, Live and Learn Homestays, was located very near to my host family and this was an important factor for me.

During my homestay, all family members were ready to assist me on all matters and at any time.

With regards to my English lessons, Lorna (my teacher) was able to assess and understand my needs and weaknesses and she devised a programme to help me to improve my English skills.

I was also impressed by the company’s professional competence.

Both Lorna and Sharon (my host) were skilled at teaching English to foreign students.

The lessons were interesting and never boring; I found them varied and very useful.

Also, whilst living with my host family, I received lots of helpful advice about my English.

The family environment was very friendly and everyone made time to talk with me; they were also very patient with me when I struggled to find the right words or found it difficult to understand what they were saying!

Sharon and her sons were interested in what I had to say and I was pleased to be staying with a family that had so many different subjects to talk about.

We had many lively discussions over meals!

I also loved the fact that the family involved me in their activities such as walking, bowling, watching TV, meals at home and in a restaurant.

To summarise in a few words - with this company I found exactly what I’d hoped for.

I’m happy to have met these people and to have had this experience with Live and Learn Homestays

Thank you!

I enjoyed my homestay in Birmingham very much. My hosts were amazing and the food was splendid. I now feel like my English has improved quite a bit. I'd definitely to it again.
Best wishes,
Rebecca Goga, July 2012

In January 2012, I returned to Birmingham for a 1 week English homestay course.

My first visit was in 2011 and I came back because the first time was such a success. I came directly to Lorna at Live and Learn Homestays and this saved me wasting a lot of time looking at other companies - as I did before!

I would score my experience 10 out of 10 - perfect! I had a warm welcome from my teacher and his family and their home had a warm atmosphere.

I visited some interesting places with my teacher and his wife; I saw some lovely villages and 'The Cotswolds' was my favourite.

Although my stay was a short one, I picked up new phrases and new vocabulary which will help me when communicating in English.

I've noticed that my homestay courses have improved my fluency and confidence too!

Another benefit of a homestay course is that you have the chance to experience the English way of life which is quite different to my own.

The advice I'd give to others - just do it, I can highly recommend Live and Learn Homestays!

It was very easy to book my homestay. It needed only a little time and 2 or 3 emails to arrange everything. Maybe the possibility of paying with credit card would be a good idea.

The information about the host family were very good and all of th details that I needed were there.

My host family were wonderful. I think they suited me perfectly; the whole family was helpful all the time. I had very good lessons and lots of conversation.

Every day was full of activity (e.g. Ikea, Football stadium, watching English films, sightseeing tour city centre, shopping). I was never bored or felt alone.

It was very good value for money and I think that the same homestay is somewhere else more expensive.

Regarding to the contact with the director of the company, Lorna, I didn't miss anything. She called me at the beginning of the stay and we met last Friday. That's more then I expected.

Thank you for everything. The week was a great success and a true pleasure.
I want to come back next year.

The reason why I chose a Live and Learn Homestay was to improve my written and oral English. With a homestay English course you have the opportunity to live with a family and gain knowledge about the English culture; you also have the benefit of speaking English from when you wake up until when you go to bed.

My experience has been more than I could ever hope for. The family I stayed with have been amazing and so helpful with the language. The English lessons have been tailored to my needs. And the work has been planned around my interests; in my case it’s human rights.

Part of a homestay is to involve yourself with the family and I have had the opportunity to participate in many different trips. Like shopping in Birmingham and Manchester and more cultural places like Stratford upon Avon where I visited the birthplace of Shakespeare.

The family I stayed with was a perfect match for me. They were active and outgoing people who were easy to have a conversation with. They have made this a wonderful stay and now when I know it’s coming to an end, it’s almost like I don’t want to leave.

I can truly say that my English has improved and I feel much more confident when express myself in English.

One of the best decisions I have made!

I booked my course by LIVE AND LEARN HOMESTAYS LTD in Birmingham. I was very surprised over the good service I've had with this little company.

Before I had asked two language schools in Switzerland, but they were not able to find a good possibility for learning by a tutor at home in England or Ireland. For me it was clear, I wanted to live and learn by the family at home, I wanted a private bathroom. And also Internet with my own notebook. I also asked for a quiet place where I could do sport as well. And I wanted to see pictures of the house and family. I searched over the Internet and I found a lot of lovely sites. There you could see good examples from teachers, but first you have had to pay a fee of £150 before they do anything. On one site, it was not possible to make a registration. I sent emails and there wasn't a response.

Finally I found one evening the Internet site from LIVE AND LEARN HOMESTAY LTD

Then suddenly it was all very easy. In a short time I had all that I wanted. I had a good Teacher in Redditch, a very friendly family, a quiet place, I could do my running. And there I've had done excursions with my teacher. I enjoyed my three week studying / holiday very well. And I improved my English very well. I took 15 hours a week. For me it was never boring.

And the Director from LIVE AND LEARN HOMESTAY LTD herself phoned at the second evening for ask me If it's everything OK and then also at the end of my stay. If there are some questions left, you can send me an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
See some of my pictures of Birmingham!

I'm from Switzerland, I spreche deutsch, je parle français, parlo intaliano and hablo espaniol.

In June 2012, I spent 1 week in England and completed a homestay English course.

I hadn’t heard about homestay English courses before I came; I found out about them through meeting Lorna on Facebook.

I chose Live and Learn Homestays because I saw that other Italians had given positive feedback about their experience.

My homestay course gave me the opportunity to practise English and to test my level of knowledge; the exercises which I did have been very helpful to improve my reading and listening skills.

On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate them a full 7 because there is no better way to learn a language where it is spoken, now I have the proof!

I liked my teacher, he was very kind and available but I would have liked a younger teacher, I mean someone I could talk to about music, sport, jokes, the last movie seen at the cinema etc.

If English is your passion, to be surrounded by it is wonderful and this is my advice to those who are considering using Live and Learn Homestays.

To summarise, it was a wonderful experience for me and it was a pleasure to meet Lorna!

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Mumpreneur 2011 Award


Local mum and entrepreneur, Lorna Allen, has earned herself a place in the final lineup of The Mumpreneur Awards, an annual ceremony aimed at celebrating parents throughout the UK who manage the difficult task of juggling business with family life.

The mother of 2 runs Live and Learn Homestays Ltd., an organisation offering personalised English courses and leisure activities to people visiting the Midlands region from abroad. Lorna's customers (homestay guests) benefit from a full immersion experience where they are placed with host families and have the unique opportunity to improve their English skills and learn about British culture through sharing their host families' lives.

Lorna Allen, Director of Live and Learn Homestays tells NetworkMilan.com how you can improve your English and feel at home in the “Heart of England”

Live and Learn Homestays Ltd is a small English language homestay company based in Birmingham, the "Heart of England", in the UK. The company is owned and managed by Lorna Allen, a local entrepreneur who worked part-time as a homestay tutor and local organiser for a large, international language homestay company for over seven years.

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